5 Reasons First-Floor Apartment Rock

First floor flats are always criticized upon. It is assumed that you won’t have your privacy, you will have to tolerate the constant noises and up and down expedition of your upstairs neighbors. These facts are true in some way or the other. But there some rocking advantages too. Here are some 5 perks of living in a first floor flat from RentMantra ,that you haven’t considered yet:


  1. Shifting has never been this easier

The most pathetic thing about moving in is to carry boxes, trunks, furniture and other heavy item up to stairs. While you can be lucky if you have a lift in your building but there are some buildings in which moving in along with heavy items in lift is not allowed. But if you have to move in to a first floor you have to go straight from the truck into your flat.


  1. Cool summers

During summers, warm air rises due to which upper floor apartments are very hot. Ultimately they economically invest more to keep their home cool. People living in first floor apartments can never face this issue since their flats are always cool.


  1. Outside Space

People living in upper floors are limited to balconies. Ground floor people have more accessibility and they get a bonus point if they are living in larger apartment communities. This extra space can be used to grow plants, hot more people for parties and even use some of the space as outside storage.


  1. Better rent prices

First floor apartments are less expensive than upper floor apartments. Also, first floor apartments give access to some awesome amenities. Many builders create these flats more creative and with more properties as compared to upper floor apartments.


  1. Great for kids and pets

If are parent to some crazy kids who are always running around here there or if you are a pet owner than first floor apartments are perfect for you.  

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6 Things I noticed when I moved to Noida all by myself

For some moving into Delhi will be considered far safer than moving into Noida keeping in mind the crime rates associated with Noida and U.P. as a whole. But sometimes necessity is a priority and you don’t have any alternate options. So, here are few things from RentMantra you will notice after moving into Noida.

1. Pollution

We all know the level of pollution in Delhi and according to a recent report Delhi is the 6th most polluted city in the world and the NCR region is even worse. So, keep a handkerchief with you every time.

2. Various means of transport

You have endless options of transport means- varying from tuk-tuks, auto rickshaw and metros. Also forget about the meter in Autos since they are not going to listen to you.

3. Street Food

One of the best parts about living in Noida is food, which is accessible from dawn to dusk. Whether you go to Brahmaputra market or to Atta Noida you will get endless options to hog upon.

4. Booze Price

The prize of liquor is quite expensive in Noida than Delhi and the easy accessibility and home delivery options in Noida will definitely won’t bother you much about the extra bucks.

5. Budget

Keeping in mind the monthly budget, Noida is a lot cheaper than Delhi. For just 8000 a month you can easily get a fully furnished flat on rent or a PG with and various necessary facilities.

6. Shopping

Various markets like Brahmaputra, Indira and Atta are perfect for shopping with wasting much money. The best thing about them is you can bargain as much as you want, but so check the item properly to prevent yourself from buying defected pieces.


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9 Hacks To Survive Without An Air Conditioner

With the temperatures soaring high don’t you want to simply lock yourself up in a cool and chilled room? Indian summers are quite terrible, especially when the average temperature hits a 45 and higher. Sadly, using an air conditioner has its own share of adverse effects. While on one hand, it will put a hole in your pocket, on the other hand, it burns the fossil fuels which would definitely add to the temperature of the earth. Then how to produce the same cooling effect like an air conditioner? Don’t worry. Here are the best 9 hacks from RentMantra  which will help you to survive the scorching heat without an air conditioner.

1. Place a bowl of ice in front of the fan:


This hack works amazingly. It is affordable as well as will give immediate results. All you need are three things which are found in almost every household namely, a large metal bowl, a chunk of ice and a table fan. The air blowing from the fan will act upon the ice and cause it melt, thereby providing coolness to the room’s air.

2. Proper ventilation:


Ventilation is one of the major factors which control the temperature of the room. With proper ventilation, the temperature of the house can be lowered by notches. All you have to do is open the windows at the right time of the day and keep them locked at the other times of the day and with that, your house will definitely be cooler than the outside temperature.

3. Clean your mess:


You must have noticed that a cluttered room feels very hot. All you have to do is make your room a little spacey for then the air circulation will increase. Remove all the unwanted stuff from the room to make it airier. Throw open your windows and change the fabric of your curtains from wools to cotton or silk.

4. Energy conservation:


That was the whole point of it right? One of many reasons for not using an air conditioner was to conserve energy. Then why not switch off the lights when it is not needed. Lights add to the temperature of the room and make the room appear a lot hotter. Moreover, discard the use of incandescent bulbs. Instead, use cooler light-emitting diodes (LEDs) or compact fluorescent (CFLs).o09

5. Refurbish your bed:


Ditch your flannel sheets and replace them with the soft cotton or percale sheets. Change the material of your pillow. You can even try making rice pillows. They are extremely soft and light and are extremely easy to make. They feel amazing to snuggle into and can even be chilled in the refrigerator.

6. Cooler- the economical A/C:


 Stock your cooler with ice or ice packs. As the ice would melt, the fan of the cooler would start to circulate the cool and misty air to the entire perimeter of your room. It will surely create a cool breeze which would give you the feeling of an air conditioner in the most economical way possible.

7. Unplug:


As we all know no machine uses the entire electric energy withdrawn by it to do useful work. The extra energy is liberated in the form of heat. So simply unplug the appliances which are not needed at the moment and feel your room getting cooler. This hack would surely help to bring down the temperature by notches!

8. Support greenery:


Take a box and stack it up with different types of flowers and keep the box in your window pane. The flowers will lower the temperature of the room and create a cool sensation. They will also help to humidify and cool the hot air flowing in the house.

9. Ditch black:


Black absorbs heat like no other color. So ditch everything you see coated in this color. Change your wardrobe and resort to wearing only the lighter colors. Try to go white this summer to relieve your body of the extreme heat.

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5 Neighborhood features that boost rental value

Think of yourself as a Property Owner. Now, what are the things which you need to check before you buy a property? Apart from the shape and the size, the first thing which you need to check before is its location and neighborhood. Yes, neighborhood plays a major role. Now, say a few years later you decide to rent this property. Wouldn’t you want to recover all the prices which you formerly spent on it? Accordingly, buy your property in such a place which is likely to boost your rental value. Below RentMantra  mentioned are the 5 features that a neighborhood should possess, in case you decide to rent your property, which would boost your rental value.

1.  Decent healthcare centers in the neighborhood:


Generally, the family-oriented people, who live with their aging parents and children hunt for such a property which has a hospital or healthcare centers nearby. Moreover, everyone needs to visit the hospital once in a while. So if your property has a healthcare center or a hospital at your elbow’s length then it is perfect neighborhood for you and would boost your rental value incredibly.

2. Vibrant local markets:


Groceries are something which you need on a daily basis. The majority of the vegan folk would prefer to have fresh veggies rather than eating the stored or canned ones. Just like that, the non-vegetarians in our country would prefer to have fresh fish and meat on a regular basis.  Thus having a buzzing market in your neighborhood from where fresh food can be bought would definitely boost the rental value.

3. Renowned schools in the vicinity:


Statistically, homes are generally bought by domesticated couples. Having an educational center or school in the vicinity would attract them easily, as they can enroll their children in a quality school which will be a walk a far from their homes. Domesticated couples would never compromise with their children’s education, thus they would give more priority to the property which is close to the school in which their children study. Thus having a renowned school in the vicinity would naturally boost the rental value.

4. The public record of the area:


As it is said, it all lies in the name. A good neighborhood is actually the one which possesses no records of stealing, snatching or killing incidents in its name. When people hear the name of the area, the first thing that should come to their mind is that the locality is safe and secure for their family. If the name of the area is in the good books of the people you will surely get a high rental price. The record of the area will surely have its impact when you go to sell the property in the market.

5. Accessibility of the place:


All the above-mentioned features will fail to have their impact on the value of the property if the place has poor transportation connectivity. Although you have all the important items at your hands reach but have a poor vehicular connection with the other parts of the city. Would you like that? Definitely not! Choose such a place whose neighborhood is well accommodated with the transport facilities. People generally prefer to buy that property which is well linked to other parts of the city. Moreover, decent transport facilities ensure quick means of remedy in case any emergency strikes.  Better accessibility of the place will not also help to access the necessities available at different parts of the city but will also boost the rental value magnificently.


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8 water parks in and around Delhi to beat this summer

The summer time in Delhi NCR marks the beginning of soaring temperatures. So what do you wish to do on such a hot summer day? Don’t you simply wish to just dive into some cool waters and relax? Unfortunately, Delhi is a landlocked area, surrounded by land on all the sides with no sea or beach nearby. So what to do?

You have nothing to worry about for there are a number of water parks in Delhi which will give you the exact feeling of a sea breeze and let you have a gala time in the water. Here are the list of  top 8 water parks by RentMantra  for our hardworking customers to chill little bit in and around Delhi which would definitely help you to beat the heat this summer.

1. Drizzling Land:


This water park is packed with some fun filled water rides and it even features the famous Rain Dance which attracts a great deal of audience. It also has an activity packed fun area. With Drizzling Land a fun filled aquatic adventure is guaranteed.

Location: 8 KM Mile Stone, Delhi-Meerut Highway, Duhai, Ghaziabad, Uttar Pradesh

Age Group: 3 to 60

Eye grabbers: Rock N roll, Roller Coaster, Kids and Family Pool, Rain Dance etc.

Tickets/Entry Fee

Monday To Friday:

Rs. 300/- (Child up to 107 cm)

Rs. 350/- (Above 107 cm)

Rs. 500/- (Stag Entry)

– Children below 84 cm of height are free.

2. Fun N Food, Guru-gram:


This is one of the most thrilling and adventurous water parks in Delhi. Located in old Delhi, Gurgaon road, this water park features a variety of fun-filled rides which makes it an infamous place for the Delhites to visit on a hot summer day.

Location: Gurgaon Road, Kapshera, New Delhi, Delhi

Age Group: 2 to 60

Eye grabbers: Kiddies Area, Frog Slide, Fresh Water Pool, Rainbow Pool, Bucket Pool, Caterpillar etc.

Tickets/Entry Fee

Kids – Rs. 300/-

Adults – Rs. 400/-

3. Worlds of Wonder, Noida:


Heard of the infamous “Great Indian Palace” Mall? This amazing water park is present right next to it. It features a number of new and adventurous rides which will definitely give you the feeling of a foreign destination. Packed with some fun-filled rides, Worlds of Wonder has various types of conveniences which will definitely make your trip pleasurable as well as enjoyable.

Location: Sec-38 A, Entry from Gate No. 11, Adjacent The Great India Place Mall, Noida, Uttar Pradesh

Age Group: 3 to 60

Eye-grabbers: International Rides, Boating, Rain Dance, Video Games etc.

Tickets/Entry Fee

Rs. 300/- (Child up to 107 cm)

Rs. 350/- (Above 107 cm)

Rs. 500/- (Stag Entry)

4.  Adventure Island, Rohini


This water park is located right next to the Metro Walk Mall in Rohini. It features a number of thrilling and amusing rides which makes it one of the most popular water park among the Delhites. With dance performances, music in the air and some crazy rides, it guarantees to illuminate a boring summer day. Moreover its amazing discount offers makes it all the more famous.

Location: Opposite Rithala Metro Station, Sector 10, Rohini, New Delhi, Delhi 110085

Age Group: 3 to 60

Eye-grabbers: International Rides, MAD Theatre, Boating, a Live D.J etc.

Tickets/Entry Fee

Adult-Rs 500/-,

Child- 450/-

5. AAPNO GHAR, Gurgaon:


This 20-year-old water park is present on the Delhi-Jaipur expressway on National Highway 8. This water park not only features amazing water rides but also has a hotel where continental food is served. This water park also has a madhushala for the liquor lovers and a banquet hall to hold parties. Looking for a place to enjoy your weekend in this hot weather? Then this is the destination for you.

Location: 43rd Mile Stone, NH-8, Sector-, 77, Delhi – Jaipur Expressway, Gurugram, Haryana

Age Group: 2 to 60

Eye-grabbers: Caterpillar ride, Baby Train, Western Train, Merry-Go-Round etc..

Tickets/Entry Fee

Amusement Park Rs 400/-,

Water Park – Rs 400/-,

6. Oyster Beach Park:


This is a “beach” themed water park, which is a perfect place to relax and beat the heat with cool “beach” waters. With some crazy adrenaline pumping water rides, this water park is the perfect place to visit on a hot summer day.

Location: Sector 29, Huda City Metro Station, Gurugram, Haryana

Age Group: 2 to 60

Eye-grabbers: Cat Train, Baby Rides, Bumping Cars, Caterpillar ride, MAD Theatre etc..

Tickets/Entry Fee:-

Kids below 4 feet height   : – Rs 599

Senior Citizen : – Rs 599

Adults above 4 feet height: – Rs 799

7. Splash Water Park


This water park is extremely popular and one of the most visited water parks in delhi. It has a variety rides which ensures to convert your lousy summer day into a cool and relaxed one.  From child to elderly people, this water park is the favorite destination of many a persons.

Location: Main GT Karnal Road, Near Palla Moad, Alipur, Delhi

Age Group: 3 to 60

Eye-grabbers: Polo Train, Cat Train, Baby Rides, Eagle Ride, Lazy River, Wave Pool, Rain Dance, Space Journey etc.

Tickets/Entry Fee:-    

Child  : –   Rs 516

Single : – Rs 903

Couple: – Rs 1290

8. Jurasik Park Inn Water Park:


It is the perfect destination for sheer excitement and adventure. It has ancient India theme and what makes it all the more wonderful is that there are dinosaurs to welcome you at the gate. Thrilling, right? This water park also features amazing rides like Go-Karting and Lazy River. It also has an equally amazing amusement park.

Location: G.T. – Karnal Road, National Highway 1, Near Omaxe City, Sonipat, Haryana

Age Group: 2 to 60

Eye-grabbers: Go Karting, Giant Wheel, Bumping Cars, Baby Train, Camel and Horse Ride, Fris Bee etc.

Tickets/Entry Fee:-

Children: – Rs 500

Single: -Rs 750

Couple: -Rs 1250


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Nowadays,migration to other cities is a common thing. People often take up rental places to support their life in urban cities. But how will you feel if you don’t get privacy in your own living space and feel grumpy all the time while in there? Well this is one of the problem tenants are facing in modern world. So if you are planning to become a tenant soon,this blog is an eye-opener for you.

  • Intruding in personal life:

  • picture1

    This is the most common problem faced by tenants. Since most of the tenants are youngsters nowadays,they require their own sweet personal space. They may end up late at home from a party,or may invite friends over. To this,landlords sometimes like to check in on their property to ensure that it is being kept well. But the tenants often don’t question their landlords due to the fear of losing their home,or to uphold the respect of their landlords at times. This can be overcome by having a mutual understanding in between both the parties,and the having the age difference as less as possible to avoid disputes.

  • Casanova bachelors:

  • picture3

    In most cases,bachelor and students face maximum problems in finding a suitable accommodation for themselves. This is because at times landlords prevent leasing their houses to them. They tend to have a pre-conceived notion of them as Casanovas and may think that their house reputation is at stake. Although the orthodox mindsets are changing,yet do you think we should judge anybody for our own cause?

  • Packed like sardines:

  • picture2

    Tenants often end up having as many as four roommates in a room that can lodge only two people. At times,there are more beds in the room than walking space. This partitioning is done by landlords to increase their sales of revenue from each room,and sometimes to provide cheap accommodation to tenants. Landlords should realize the quality of life of their tenants and thus provide adequate space for a living.

  • Poor sanitation and maintenance:

  • picture4

    As we all know having a healthy and comfortable living atmosphere plays a crucial role for every inhabitant. The renting cost of a house is going sky fleet,yet tenants are at times provided with houses lacking basic and proper hygiene,having damped walls,frayed furniture,and lackluster interiors. In most contracts,even if the tenants are willing to alter the physical roundabouts of the house they don’t try to do so because of the fear of landlords. A picture speaks a thousand words. Rooms should be incorporated with wall hangings,or a sober flower vase,or basic room fresheners to make it look more appealing because eventually this is the place where people want to relax after a tiresome day of work.

  • Eviction:

  • picture5

    What if you wake up one day and learn that you are required to abandon your house? Well,this has become a hound of the nightmare for most of the tenants these days. The landlords often pitch the screws on their tenants and ask for eviction without prior notice. According to the Model Tenancy Act 2015,no arbitrary eviction can be called during the rental period. Under this act,tenants can also claim rent reduction in case of deterioration of services. So make sure that you leave no stone upturned before signing the lease agreement with your landlords.



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    Changing phase of Renting in Delhi- NCR

    Time has changed a lot and many things are evolved from the past. Many things have been changed and many are yet to get changed. But what’s most important is the phase of Renting and also the relationship between the owners and seekers. Renting has changed a lot to an extent and a new future can be seen from here on and new market has taken a lead into this field. It is now a corporate sector providing many opportunities to the youngsters.

    So, here we are listing some of the changes that took place in the last 3-4 decades:

    • Trusted Landlords and Tenants:

    Image source: www.trustedbrands.co.nz

    Earlier, the renting system was as simple as a bicycle. There wasn’t any security system, you just had to meet the Landlord and talk to them about the renting fees and your work had been done by themselves. But there wasn’t any proof, so technically landlords and seekers both were still Strangers, But nowadays, Full Proof Identity is taken from the seekers so that they have some kind of proof.

    • Healthy Relationships between Landlords and Seekers:

    mp900308936Image source: www.clark.com

    When it was much more difficult to find the apartment for rent in noida, delhi-ncr or PGs, the landlords were so brutal and strict. But nowadays, these things don’t matter as Landlord get to know much better than ever before. They build a healthy relationship among themselves. It’s simply because, they can find the Tenants of their own choices.

    • Posting Ads Online:

    Image source: s3.amazonaws.com

    There is a huge difference as before Owners used to post display hoarding all over the streets and somewhere near the parks so that they would find the tenants. similarly, tenants used to go for search all over the cities to get a suitable pg or house for rent in noida, delhi-ncr .  But now, its all server based, Like you can post your ads online sites for example on www.rentmantra.com and get your apartment on Rent. it is hassle free process, which save time and money.

    • Transparency:

    untitled-3Image source: www.zipperjunction.org

    Earlier, Landlords could brag about their apartments, rooms, or about their PGs, but now it’s never like that. Once this online system has been introduced in the early 21st century, transparency comes into play. Original property photos, verified owners and tenants all you can get in one place (www.rentmantra.com). Transparency built trust between owners and seekers.

    • Elimination Of Brokers:

    Image source: realestatepune.co.in

    Earlier, whenever you need to find an apartment, then you had to approach the broker who would charge you for meeting the owner. And after selecting any house, they will charge commission and high brokerage fees. but now a days there are many companies who boycott brokers and focus between owners and seekers only. 

    • Rent Agreements:


    Image source: www.berton-associes.fr

    One of the important change in renting phase is Rent Agreement, as it provides security, trust, bond between owners and seekers. it solve disputes and make legal bond between them. It is not just important but it is one of the necessary part in renting phase.





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