5 Reasons First-Floor Apartment Rock

First floor flats are always criticized upon. It is assumed that you won’t have your privacy, you will have to tolerate the constant noises and up and down expedition of your upstairs neighbors. These facts are true in some way or the other. But there some rocking advantages too. Here are some 5 perks of living in a first floor flat from RentMantra ,that you haven’t considered yet:


  1. Shifting has never been this easier

The most pathetic thing about moving in is to carry boxes, trunks, furniture and other heavy item up to stairs. While you can be lucky if you have a lift in your building but there are some buildings in which moving in along with heavy items in lift is not allowed. But if you have to move in to a first floor you have to go straight from the truck into your flat.


  1. Cool summers

During summers, warm air rises due to which upper floor apartments are very hot. Ultimately they economically invest more to keep their home cool. People living in first floor apartments can never face this issue since their flats are always cool.


  1. Outside Space

People living in upper floors are limited to balconies. Ground floor people have more accessibility and they get a bonus point if they are living in larger apartment communities. This extra space can be used to grow plants, hot more people for parties and even use some of the space as outside storage.


  1. Better rent prices

First floor apartments are less expensive than upper floor apartments. Also, first floor apartments give access to some awesome amenities. Many builders create these flats more creative and with more properties as compared to upper floor apartments.


  1. Great for kids and pets

If are parent to some crazy kids who are always running around here there or if you are a pet owner than first floor apartments are perfect for you.  

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8 Yummy easy-to-make midnight snacks for night owls

Midnight craving! Simply this word alone can make you hungry. These cravings not only satiate your hunger but also give a thrill and enjoyment which you just can’t trade for anything. Also, there are some people who just love to stay up and hence food is a challenge. So, here is a list from RentMantra of easy-to-make snack for the hungry night owls:

1. Bread Fry

Ingredients: Bread, cheese, tomato ketchup and salt

All you need to do is put some grated cheese and ketchup and spread it over the bread. Add a pinch of salt to taste. Then, heat it in a pan. You can grill the bread as well; it’s totally up to you.

2. Bread Pizza

Ingredients: Bread, chopped vegetables, grated cheese, pepper, and salt

Take some leftover bread toasts smear tomato ketchup over it. Pour all the veggie, pepper, sauces ( if you some pizza sauce then your work is half done) and mix them properly. Pour the mixture on the toast and then add grated cheese on them and bake it in the oven at 200 degree Celsius for 12 minutes.

3. Spicy Potatoes

Ingredients: Potatoes, lemon, salt, pepper, chat masala, and Garam Masala

Boil some potatoes and chop it.  Mix all the ingredients. You can also add some coriander leaves and the dish is ready to hog.

4. Vegetable Bread Toast

Ingredients: Burger Mayo, Cheese, Cucumber, Carrot, Salt, Pepper, Bread, and Ketchup

Mix all the ingredients and spread over the bread toasts and bake it in the oven. Now, this healthy and tasty snack is ready to eat.

5. Cheesy Lemon Rice

Ingredients: White Rice, Salt, Pepper, Cheese, and Butter

Mix all the ingredients toss for some time in the pan. Then add some cooked rice and stir for some time. And it’s ready to savor.

6. Spicy Bhujia

Ingredients: A pack of Bhujia, Onion, Tomato, Lemon Juice, Chat Masala, Peanuts and Chilly

Pour some Bhujiaand add all the ingredients and miss them together. And it’s ready.

7. Grilled Chocolates Sandwich

Ingredients: Eggs, Milk, Chocolate bar, unsalted Butter, and Sugar

Mix all ingredients and pour the melted chocolate bar and spread over the bread bake it in the oven and now enjoy!

8. Maggie

Nothing can beat this. Every snack time is incomplete without having a bowl of hot lip smacking Maggie. This can satiate you at any time of the day. So, take this 2-minutes break and enjoy!


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7 coolest festivals of light other than Diwali celebrated around the world

Illuminating lights, bustling firecrackers, gifts and lots of fun- these can only be fulfilled by one of the most beautiful festivals of India, Diwali. This festival gives a moment of pride for the diverse India. But if you were thinking that Diwali is the only festival of light, then you are all this while. Let’s look at some of the RentMantra’s suggested coolest festivals of lights around the world:

1. Aomori Nebuta Matsuri

This festival is celebrated with pomp and joy in Japan. In this colorful parades are held across the city of Aomori with huge nebutas lit up along with traditional Japanese music playing in the background.

2. Las Fellas

This is a very unique and fun-filled festival of Spain. It is a festival of fire which commemorates a feast day given in the honor of St. Joseph, the patron saint of carpenters.

3. Festival of Lights, Lyon

This is a festival of France and which is celebrated with joy and pomp for four days. The citizens illuminate seal with traditional candles and the whole city of Lyon is decorated innovatively every year.

4. Hanukkah

It is a very important festival of Jews in which they commemorate the rededication of their holy temple in Jerusalem. It is celebrated for 8 days.

5. Festival of Lights, Berlin

This festival was started by Brigit Zander in 2005, and now it has turned into a huge tourist attraction. It is celebrated in the month of October, and the whole city of Berlin is transformed into multihued illuminated artifacts.

6. East Peoria Festival of Lights

This is 2 month long festival is celebrated with joy and pomp in the city of Pretoria. It is a thanksgiving festival which usually begins in November and goes till January.

7. Lantern Festival of China

This festival is also known as shangyuan festival and it marks the end of Chinese new year. In this, red lanterns are hanged throughout the country, making it the most colourful and must-attend festival.


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Top 5 Residential Apartments in Noida you must explore

The location of Noida is one of a kind. Whenever you think of buying your dream home, Noida has always been your priority. There are many advantages of the location of Noida and they add value to its investment potential. Noida Expressway and Yamuna Expressway provides an easy access to the IT hub from all over the NCR. The connectivity of NCR is incredible. The residential properties in Noida offer a wide range of option like 1 BHK, 2 BHK, 3 BHK, 4 BHK, 5 BHK and 6 BHK which are affordable and hence, lead to the high demands of flats in Noida. Here, are five residential apartments from RentMantra that you definitely need to explore:

1. Mahagun Meadows

It is one of the prized possessions of Mahagun Builders. It is located in Sector 150 and is very close to the Noida Expressway. This residential project, due to its location, is easily accessible. The total project area is 7 acres. The construction is based on the carpet area of 2 BHK, 3 BHK and 4 BHK residential flats. The size varies from 1425 sq. ft. to 3400 sq. ft. The key feature of this project is its golf-centric apartments.

2. Amrapali The Hemisphere

It is a project of Amrapali Group. It is located in Sector Pi, Greater Noida. The total project area is 100 Acres. The construction is based on the carpet area of 2 BHK, 3 BHK and 5 BHK residential flats. The size varies from 100 sq. yds. to 400 sq. yds. The key feature of the project is podium type villas.

3. Sunworld Arista

It is one of the prized possessions of Sunworld Group. It is located in Sector 168 and it is near to Noida Expressway. The construction is based on the carpet area of 3 BHK, 4 BHK and 5 BHK residential flats. The size varies 1750 sq. ft. to 3500 sq. ft. The main attraction of the project is fully furnished apartments.

4. The Aranya

It is one of the famous projects of Unnati Fortune Group. It is located in sector 119 in Noida. The construction is based on the carpet area of 2 BHK and 3 BHK residential flats. The size varies from 1190 sq. ft. to 1800 sq.ft.  The project offers a nature-loving ambience and is surrounded by lush greenery.

5. Jaypee Greens Pavilion Court Royale

It is one of the popular projects of Jaypee Greens. It is located in sector 128 in Noida Wishtown. The construction is based on the carpet area of 3 BHK residential flats. The flats vary from 2250 sq. ft. to 2280 sq. ft. There are 78 golf facing apartments. The main attraction of the project is its golf-centric lifestyle.


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10 Diwali decorating ideas that will brighten up your home

Diwali or Deepawali is one of the most beautiful festivals in India. The auspicious festival marks the triumph of light over darkness and good over evil. With the arrival of this joyous festival, it’s also the time to welcome all your beloved relatives and cherish the moments like never before. So, here 10 Diwali decorating ideas from RentMantra that will definitely bright up your home:

1. Diyas

Diwali and diyas or earthen lamps are simply incomplete without each other. Decorate these diyas with paints and glitters and brighten up your home.

2. Floating Candles

Instead of using those boring candles use these beautiful floating candles. Fill a beautiful bowl or tub with a size of your choice with water and put these floating candles. You can also add flowers or colorful pebbles to complete the decoration.

3. Paper Lantern

Give your home an oriental touch, with these paper lanterns. This will not only save your buck but will also give your home a chic look.

4. Balloon Twine Lights

Use creatively some balloons and twines and make these beautiful DIY lamps. Simply hang them around and they are all set to beautify your rooms.

5. Diwali Torans

Torans are considered to be the most auspicious decor in Diwali and they look beautiful too.

6. Sea Shell Candles

Use seashells to create beautiful candles and place them around the house. Let the Diwali vibes get in!

7. Fruit Candles

This Diwali, let the organic vibes set in and use fruits because why not?

8.Glass bottle lights

Give your home sweet home the perfect Diwali charm with these DIY bottle lights.


Diwali is simply incomplete without this auspicious beauty. You can give this traditional art piece a twist by adding flowers and diyas.

10.Flower Decoration

Flowers are very important for Diwali decorations. Get some fresh flowers and start decorating.


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6 Things I noticed when I moved to Noida all by myself

For some moving into Delhi will be considered far safer than moving into Noida keeping in mind the crime rates associated with Noida and U.P. as a whole. But sometimes necessity is a priority and you don’t have any alternate options. So, here are few things from RentMantra you will notice after moving into Noida.

1. Pollution

We all know the level of pollution in Delhi and according to a recent report Delhi is the 6th most polluted city in the world and the NCR region is even worse. So, keep a handkerchief with you every time.

2. Various means of transport

You have endless options of transport means- varying from tuk-tuks, auto rickshaw and metros. Also forget about the meter in Autos since they are not going to listen to you.

3. Street Food

One of the best parts about living in Noida is food, which is accessible from dawn to dusk. Whether you go to Brahmaputra market or to Atta Noida you will get endless options to hog upon.

4. Booze Price

The prize of liquor is quite expensive in Noida than Delhi and the easy accessibility and home delivery options in Noida will definitely won’t bother you much about the extra bucks.

5. Budget

Keeping in mind the monthly budget, Noida is a lot cheaper than Delhi. For just 8000 a month you can easily get a fully furnished flat on rent or a PG with and various necessary facilities.

6. Shopping

Various markets like Brahmaputra, Indira and Atta are perfect for shopping with wasting much money. The best thing about them is you can bargain as much as you want, but so check the item properly to prevent yourself from buying defected pieces.


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10 Ways to protect your home while on Vacation

Imagine this, you just reached home cherishing your wonderful vacation and suddenly you notice that your window is broken. You rush towards the main door and you see your lock is broken too. You enter the house see the evidences of burglary and then happens the monotonous series of police investigation and questionings and in most of the cases you can never get your stuff back. So the question arises how to prevent this? Here are few tips and guidelines from RentMantra  that if you follow you can ensure the safety of your home even while being miles away:

1. Ask your neighbors to keep an eye

To ensure this you yourself have to be a good neighbor. Talk to them regularly and visit them occasionally and inform them in between that you are planning for a vacation. Don’t ask them to do your home chores. Instead ask them to make your that your home doesn’t look unoccupied. You can return the favor when they are away too. Do not forget to give them your vacation contact number so that they can inform you in of an emergency.  If this neighbor thing doesn’t work you can ask your friend and relatives to check on your place twice or thrice in a week.

2. Use timers with your lights and electronics

If your house is dark for a week straight, it is easy to determine that you are on vacation. There are various timers and security systems available in market which you can link with your lights and set interval of time of your choice and lights will be on during that particular period of day. Ensure that you set varying duration every day. You can also link your television sets as well and this will create noisy effect and will dismiss doubts that this house is unoccupied.

3.  Ask someone to keep an eye on your lawn

An unkempt lawn is the biggest hint that you are out somewhere for a long time. Ask your neighbors, friends or relatives to mow the lawn at regular interval whenever required and water the plants and lawn regularly. In case of storms and heavy rain, ask them to make sure that the garden area and lawn is cleaned afterwards as untidy one can get noticed easily.

4. Don’t fall prey on social media

We all have a habit of posting everything on our social media handles out of excitement. This can be very dangerous as your would-be burglar can take note of this. Don’t post status updates like “off to Airport” and also don’t post pictures as soon as you click. Post the pictures only after you are safely back to home. If you really want to make that instagram update of the sunset or any other make sure your account is private as you friends and family circle won’t have any thief or burglar.

5. Never leave spare keys out

If you have spare keys take it with you. Burglars do have the idea of the possible hiding spots of spare keys and as you are away they can very patiently search your whole house and can easily find one. So, don’t take any risks.


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End-of-summer-purge! 9 Things you should get rid of now

Summer is almost in its last days and you can’t deny the fact that the hues and blues of summer is piled up in your house and taking up a lot of space. So, without giving away with an excuse or two you quickly get away of it. Here are few things you should get rid of right now:

1. Old stationary and office supplies

If you have already decided to replace you stationary and other supplies like binders and folder for the new session, first of all get over with last year’s stuff. This will not only create space for the new ones but also ensure that you don’t have to struggle with the mixing of new and old ones. Also before throwing them check one if the any stuff can reused. Generally, binders and folders can be reused for a very long time.

2. Donate Old towels

There are various pet shops are animal shelter home which will happily take your donation as they can used them in the grooming of the pets. This will help you in organizing you closets and even create space for the new and fresh towels.

3. Donate old clothes

We all put those tight fitting worn out clothes in the back side of the closet and after some time it gets really messy. Select a day and start putting out these worn clothes and pile them up and donate it to the needy. You will not only feel good, but it will create a space for your next shopping spree.

4. Expired and unused kitchen supplement and spices

When we go for shopping we get tempted for this spices and condiments and after using once or twice we push it behind the refrigerator and which will go unused forever. Throw all of them right away and organize or kitchen closets and refrigerator.

5. A C. Filters

Make this a habit that after every summer you change your A.C. filters and throw away the old ones. Sometimes only cleaning doesn’t work and you are then left with the only option of changing the filters.

6. Expire Medicines

Never keep expired medicines in your home for long time. Before throwing them in your dustbins do ask the local pharmacist about the required disposing methods for particular medicines. As some medicines require special methods of disposing other than directly tossing them into the bins.

7. Outdated electronics that you don’t use much

When an electronic device is left untouched for a long period after some point of time it will stopping. Hence, there is no need of keeping it and giving extra space. Throw or give them to recycling agencies and get a new one.

8. Shoes

Shoes are something we keeping on buying when we need one without throwing the old and unused one. And due to this, after some point of time, your shoe shelf gets messy and unorganized. So, throw the worn out ones right now.

9. Old Cosmetics

You should never take any chances with your skin. You should always timely check on your makeup and throw the expired ones right away. This will not only clean the havoc created on your dressing table or makeup kit but also ensure the safety of your skin.

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10 Crazy Ideas To Gain More Storage Space

 No matter how a spacious house or apartment one has, there comes a time when one feels the need of extra space in one’s living space. That situation may come when you need to arrange a few new beds for a couple of your guests or friends or in the festival time when you want to install some temporary decorating items in your apartment. So let’s find out some ideas by RentMantra to gain more storage space.

1. Storage Bed: –

Storage bed is one of the major elements that solve problems of many homeowners. It makes the best use of space and provides boxes to store things without eating any extra space of your home. Along with storage capacity, it also does not compromise with the look of the home.

2. Convertible furniture: –

Sofa is the best use for the setting. But what if it can be a bed when needed. In the market, vendors are there who makes best quality convertible furniture. Those types of furniture are really useful when you need to arrange new beds for your friends and guests. 

3. Stack: –

The next idea of getting more space in your home is by stacking. You can put things like chairs, boxes one upon other and can get extra space. You can also keep some small accessories (who have engaged spaces in your room) on your coffee or dining table and make some extra space.

4. Ceiling: –

Ceilings are equally spacious as a floor. But it has not been explored to its best in terms of storing. You can assemble racks and drawers near to ceilings on to walls of your home and get tremendous space for storage. 

5. Cabinet furniture: –

Furniture is the need of your home. You definitely have furniture like tables in your home who acquires. If that furniture will have the cabinet, it will be an additional place for you to storing stuff. So it is a good choice to have cabinet furniture, especially when your lives in a small apartment

6. Pot pan storage: –

Pot pans are good storing solutions for your kitchen tools. Pots and pans are not easy to store because of their bigger size. Also, you have to store them in a way that they are easily accessible to you during the cooking. Here you can make use of this pot & pan storing stands or cabinet.

7. Hanging storage bag: –

You need some space for storing little accessories often especially in kitchen and bathroom. Hanging storage bag is a perfect solution for storing those of your little accessories. You can install them on a wall at the height of your choice so that you can an easy access to your accessories.

8. Multiple functionality Stairs: –

Stairs are one of the basic need of any house. It gives access to higher and upper part of our house. But it is not limited to single functionality. It can be designed for multiple functionalities and can be a better storage solution.

9. Pop-up tents: –

If you have the basement in your apartment or house with space not sufficient for keeping bikes or other equipment, you can install a pop-up tent outside your home and keep your things on it.

10. Door hangers: –

Door hangers can be a good option for you to put your sporting and other workout clothes on the back of your door. It gives you the option to keep your clothes without eating any extra space of your room.   



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10 Ways To Detox Your Sleep Space

What is Detoxing?

The word detox means removing a toxic (unhealthy) substance from a particular body. So in this topic ‘Detoxing your bedroom’, we are going to learn how to make a bedroom more hygienic and healthier. One always tries to keep its bedroom cleaner, because we spent our quality time in the bedroom. According to a survey, on an average, a normal human being spends one-third of the day in the bedroom. So now let talks the top ten ways by RentMantra for detoxing a bedroom.

1. The Bed: –

Bed is the most eminent accessory of our bedroom. Whenever we think of bedroom, it is the first thing that comes to our mind. As our body has direct contact with it during nap and hours of sleep, so the mattress & bed-sheet must be of good quality and should be regularly cleaned. Sometimes while purchasing mattress and bed-sheet we forget the quality factor. Polyurethane, memory, and latex are the three most common types of foam used in mattresses. So do a good research before purchasing the mattress.

2. Bedroom slipper: –

Pesticides and other harmful microorganisms find a path to our bedroom through shoes and another foot accessory that we used to walk outside. So it is always better not to bring those foot accessory in a bedroom and instead keep a separate bedroom slipper.

3. Have Plants: –

Furniture releases formaldehyde and other toxic elements. The American space agency NASA, have found plants has the ability to filter toxins. Along with this plants improves the quality of indoor air by adding oxygen to it. So they are a good option to have for detoxing the bedroom. Peace Lily, Aloe Vera, Anthurium, Areca Palm and like that plant you can put in your bedroom.

4. Cleaners: –

One does not check the base materials when purchasing cleaners. Most of us purchase a product by getting convinced from its commercial advertisement. This habit is not good, especially at the time of purchasing cleaners for a bedroom. Some cleaners contain harmful chemicals which are like slow poison. So it is better to purchase natural cleaning products for a bedroom.

5. Electronic devices: –

Electronic devices have become an important part of our life because of their endless uses. But these devices have some disadvantage too like all others products. Devices like smartphone, laptops, Television, Computers radiates blue light from their screen. It has been proved, blue light radiating out from the screens of those electronic means are responsible for sleeping problems. So you should not use these devices much in your bedroom just before sleeping.

6. Lights: –

In a bedroom, one should try to avoid to use energy saving lamps and hard lights. We should also not keep blue light bulbs in our sleeping space. Instead, it is a good choice to low power red light bulb in a bedroom. In a study, it has proved that red light bulbs help in having a good quality sleep because of it, our brain in releasing the sleeping hormones.

7. Paint: –

When it comes to detox, one always thinks of cleaning. But paint is also an important element that must be given a proper attention. It there is one room in your home that should be Eco-friendly that should be your bedroom. Because it plays an important role in our health. It is advisable to paint your bedroom (and if the possible entire interior of your house) that has low volatile organic compounds (VOC). It will be even better if your paint will not have VOCs at all.

8. Feng shui: –

Feng shui Chinese philosophical system. The experts of feng shui say bed placement has a lot to do in your quality sleep. For a better sleep, the placement of bed should not be in the direction that your head resting towards the door. There are few more things that you should consider from Feng shui in detoxing your bedroom and having a quality sleep.

9. Washroom: –

If your bedroom has attached bathroom then you should be more conscious in cleaning your toilet. As it is the area where water has to deal a lot. Science says germs love the humid environment. So keeping your washroom dry and clean is quite important in detoxing your bedroom.

10. Window curtains: –

You should keep cotton or other good quality curtains in the windows of your bedroom. Some curtains are made of low-quality polymers which release toxic substances into the indoor air of your bedroom. That cause you some serious health problems. So it is better to have a cotton or some other good quality curtains.


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