8 Yummy easy-to-make midnight snacks for night owls

Midnight craving! Simply this word alone can make you hungry. These cravings not only satiate your hunger but also give a thrill and enjoyment which you just can’t trade for anything. Also, there are some people who just love to stay up and hence food is a challenge. So, here is a list from RentMantra of easy-to-make snack for the hungry night owls:

1. Bread Fry

Ingredients: Bread, cheese, tomato ketchup and salt

All you need to do is put some grated cheese and ketchup and spread it over the bread. Add a pinch of salt to taste. Then, heat it in a pan. You can grill the bread as well; it’s totally up to you.

2. Bread Pizza

Ingredients: Bread, chopped vegetables, grated cheese, pepper, and salt

Take some leftover bread toasts smear tomato ketchup over it. Pour all the veggie, pepper, sauces ( if you some pizza sauce then your work is half done) and mix them properly. Pour the mixture on the toast and then add grated cheese on them and bake it in the oven at 200 degree Celsius for 12 minutes.

3. Spicy Potatoes

Ingredients: Potatoes, lemon, salt, pepper, chat masala, and Garam Masala

Boil some potatoes and chop it.  Mix all the ingredients. You can also add some coriander leaves and the dish is ready to hog.

4. Vegetable Bread Toast

Ingredients: Burger Mayo, Cheese, Cucumber, Carrot, Salt, Pepper, Bread, and Ketchup

Mix all the ingredients and spread over the bread toasts and bake it in the oven. Now, this healthy and tasty snack is ready to eat.

5. Cheesy Lemon Rice

Ingredients: White Rice, Salt, Pepper, Cheese, and Butter

Mix all the ingredients toss for some time in the pan. Then add some cooked rice and stir for some time. And it’s ready to savor.

6. Spicy Bhujia

Ingredients: A pack of Bhujia, Onion, Tomato, Lemon Juice, Chat Masala, Peanuts and Chilly

Pour some Bhujiaand add all the ingredients and miss them together. And it’s ready.

7. Grilled Chocolates Sandwich

Ingredients: Eggs, Milk, Chocolate bar, unsalted Butter, and Sugar

Mix all ingredients and pour the melted chocolate bar and spread over the bread bake it in the oven and now enjoy!

8. Maggie

Nothing can beat this. Every snack time is incomplete without having a bowl of hot lip smacking Maggie. This can satiate you at any time of the day. So, take this 2-minutes break and enjoy!


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7 coolest festivals of light other than Diwali celebrated around the world

Illuminating lights, bustling firecrackers, gifts and lots of fun- these can only be fulfilled by one of the most beautiful festivals of India, Diwali. This festival gives a moment of pride for the diverse India. But if you were thinking that Diwali is the only festival of light, then you are all this while. Let’s look at some of the RentMantra’s suggested coolest festivals of lights around the world:

1. Aomori Nebuta Matsuri

This festival is celebrated with pomp and joy in Japan. In this colorful parades are held across the city of Aomori with huge nebutas lit up along with traditional Japanese music playing in the background.

2. Las Fellas

This is a very unique and fun-filled festival of Spain. It is a festival of fire which commemorates a feast day given in the honor of St. Joseph, the patron saint of carpenters.

3. Festival of Lights, Lyon

This is a festival of France and which is celebrated with joy and pomp for four days. The citizens illuminate seal with traditional candles and the whole city of Lyon is decorated innovatively every year.

4. Hanukkah

It is a very important festival of Jews in which they commemorate the rededication of their holy temple in Jerusalem. It is celebrated for 8 days.

5. Festival of Lights, Berlin

This festival was started by Brigit Zander in 2005, and now it has turned into a huge tourist attraction. It is celebrated in the month of October, and the whole city of Berlin is transformed into multihued illuminated artifacts.

6. East Peoria Festival of Lights

This is 2 month long festival is celebrated with joy and pomp in the city of Pretoria. It is a thanksgiving festival which usually begins in November and goes till January.

7. Lantern Festival of China

This festival is also known as shangyuan festival and it marks the end of Chinese new year. In this, red lanterns are hanged throughout the country, making it the most colourful and must-attend festival.


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10 Diwali decorating ideas that will brighten up your home

Diwali or Deepawali is one of the most beautiful festivals in India. The auspicious festival marks the triumph of light over darkness and good over evil. With the arrival of this joyous festival, it’s also the time to welcome all your beloved relatives and cherish the moments like never before. So, here 10 Diwali decorating ideas from RentMantra that will definitely bright up your home:

1. Diyas

Diwali and diyas or earthen lamps are simply incomplete without each other. Decorate these diyas with paints and glitters and brighten up your home.

2. Floating Candles

Instead of using those boring candles use these beautiful floating candles. Fill a beautiful bowl or tub with a size of your choice with water and put these floating candles. You can also add flowers or colorful pebbles to complete the decoration.

3. Paper Lantern

Give your home an oriental touch, with these paper lanterns. This will not only save your buck but will also give your home a chic look.

4. Balloon Twine Lights

Use creatively some balloons and twines and make these beautiful DIY lamps. Simply hang them around and they are all set to beautify your rooms.

5. Diwali Torans

Torans are considered to be the most auspicious decor in Diwali and they look beautiful too.

6. Sea Shell Candles

Use seashells to create beautiful candles and place them around the house. Let the Diwali vibes get in!

7. Fruit Candles

This Diwali, let the organic vibes set in and use fruits because why not?

8.Glass bottle lights

Give your home sweet home the perfect Diwali charm with these DIY bottle lights.


Diwali is simply incomplete without this auspicious beauty. You can give this traditional art piece a twist by adding flowers and diyas.

10.Flower Decoration

Flowers are very important for Diwali decorations. Get some fresh flowers and start decorating.


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After your home, office is the place where you spend most of the day. You won’t deny the fact that how a messy house can turn off your mood. Similarly, a messy or dull office can lead to negative impact on you and your team’s happiness, creativity or productivity. Even if you have realized this, you get worried about the cost of the remodeling or renovating your office. But if there are some ways or method that would brighten up the environment of your office, inspire your employees and impress your visitor without spending many bucks, won’t you consider it? So, here are some best tips and ideal from RentMantra  talk about six different types of neighbors you live along with for designing a cool office without spending much:


To begin with, try to invest in some good air fresheners. The change in fragrance can lighten up the mood of your employees and visitors. It will bring calmness that is important in business dealing. Right? It will make your office a much nicer place, to be at basically no cost.


Offices should also have a quirky or funky touch. Put some inexpensive vintage stuff here and there or get some antique accessories as wall hanging and lots more. Also instead of spending bulks of money on furniture and stuff, mix your old junk stuff with a tinge of creativity. You can turn doors into coffee-table, milk-bottle crates into light etc. open your eyes and see around you and there is a infinite list of such substitutes.


Chalkboards are much more stylish than a white whiteboard. It will give your office space much decorative touch to turn it into a distinctive.


Most of the companies do invest in thoughtful idea to economize on office design. Just ask Amazon. They do it by taking a solid-core wooden door and attached pillars as legs. You can also try this in your office, using large, workable surface.


These day almost everyone in putting up reception area in their office premises, it has turned into a trend. But it is not necessary all the time. It you have got clients visiting you all the time, then you can have one, otherwise it is not necessary all the time. If you have all the time, then you can have one, otherwise it is not necessary. Instead, use the floors of the office, to help your clients by drawing colorful bubbles, making it easier for the clients in deciding where to go.


Getting in contact with nature boosts creativity, so your team must be connected with outdoors. Bring live plants to your office space, or try to put most of the office space or even some meetings in the outdoors. Your clients and staff will love this and this will affect their thinking in a positive manner.


An extra set of chair is something we all find important, since we definitely need them while get- together, parties and meetings as well. But we always don’t have space for keeping them after use. But you need not to worry about this anymore. From now onward, mount them on wall and make them easy to grab when you need them and save floor space.


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The 7 secret of people with super clean houses

Influenced by Monica from F.R.I.E.D.S.? She definitely gives everyone some serious home cleaning goals. Now, don’t we all have a Monica in our lives? The one in whose home you will find everything in its perfect position and you most certainly won’t even encounter a bit of dirt even in the corners.

Doesn’t that make you want to imitate them? Now, who doesn’t like a perfectly clean home! One thing is certain; you cannot clean your home all in a single day. It needs to be made a daily routine.

Here are the cleaning tips from RentMantra  which we have adapted from those who keep their homes habitually tidy. Employ them from your first day in your new home and daily practice of it would definitely render your home super clean.

1. Grooming the pets daily:


The pet owners are well aware of the troubles they face with their pets around. The pets would run around the house, scatter litter, claw the walls, and shed their wings/furs at places. Thus the first thing they need to take care of are the pets. If the pets are groomed daily and their sheds are kept clean, then it will add a lot to your cleaning

2.  Taking care of the elderly people:


The elderly people are not much balanced and thus tend to be a bit messy. Looking after their needs and making sure that they have everything at their hands’ reach would keep the home a lot cleaner. No, there is no other way for this one for you will be there in their shoes sometime soon too.

3. Don’t leave the kitchen work pending:


Never leave your kitchen duties pending. Wash the dishes as soon as you see them. Try to keep the kitchen cleaner and tidier. Remember an amicable kitchen upholds your reputation as a super clean home owner.

4. Take assistance from others:


It is quite comprehensible that you cannot keep the home clean all by yourself. It’s quite impossible. Keeping helps would ensure that your home is clean and tidy all the time and would also lead to the division of the work. With help at your dispense you don’t have to do it all alone and your house will be a lot cleaner.

5. Put the clothes in their place:


Don’t you wonder how clean your house would look if you just folded the clothes lying at that corner? What are you waiting for? Do it now! Clothes are the biggest culprit that makes your home look messy. If you really want a super clean home, wash the discarded clothes, fold them and close them in your wardrobe.

6. Keep the papers organized:


Most of the people have their newspaper scattered around the drawing room. Collect them all and organize them in a small corner. Allot a separate place for the paper origin materials. From magazines to newspaper make sure that they stay in that corner only. Moreover, when the corner gets all stacked up, sell them to the rag seller.

7. Wipe your furniture:


The furniture owes a lot to the impression imprinted in the mind of your visitor. They need to be dust every day and polished regularly using the furniture polish.  You just need to take out a few minutes of your routine to make them shine and then you would notice what a big role tidy and shining furniture play in making your home look super clean.


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9 Hacks To Survive Without An Air Conditioner

With the temperatures soaring high don’t you want to simply lock yourself up in a cool and chilled room? Indian summers are quite terrible, especially when the average temperature hits a 45 and higher. Sadly, using an air conditioner has its own share of adverse effects. While on one hand, it will put a hole in your pocket, on the other hand, it burns the fossil fuels which would definitely add to the temperature of the earth. Then how to produce the same cooling effect like an air conditioner? Don’t worry. Here are the best 9 hacks from RentMantra  which will help you to survive the scorching heat without an air conditioner.

1. Place a bowl of ice in front of the fan:


This hack works amazingly. It is affordable as well as will give immediate results. All you need are three things which are found in almost every household namely, a large metal bowl, a chunk of ice and a table fan. The air blowing from the fan will act upon the ice and cause it melt, thereby providing coolness to the room’s air.

2. Proper ventilation:


Ventilation is one of the major factors which control the temperature of the room. With proper ventilation, the temperature of the house can be lowered by notches. All you have to do is open the windows at the right time of the day and keep them locked at the other times of the day and with that, your house will definitely be cooler than the outside temperature.

3. Clean your mess:


You must have noticed that a cluttered room feels very hot. All you have to do is make your room a little spacey for then the air circulation will increase. Remove all the unwanted stuff from the room to make it airier. Throw open your windows and change the fabric of your curtains from wools to cotton or silk.

4. Energy conservation:


That was the whole point of it right? One of many reasons for not using an air conditioner was to conserve energy. Then why not switch off the lights when it is not needed. Lights add to the temperature of the room and make the room appear a lot hotter. Moreover, discard the use of incandescent bulbs. Instead, use cooler light-emitting diodes (LEDs) or compact fluorescent (CFLs).o09

5. Refurbish your bed:


Ditch your flannel sheets and replace them with the soft cotton or percale sheets. Change the material of your pillow. You can even try making rice pillows. They are extremely soft and light and are extremely easy to make. They feel amazing to snuggle into and can even be chilled in the refrigerator.

6. Cooler- the economical A/C:


 Stock your cooler with ice or ice packs. As the ice would melt, the fan of the cooler would start to circulate the cool and misty air to the entire perimeter of your room. It will surely create a cool breeze which would give you the feeling of an air conditioner in the most economical way possible.

7. Unplug:


As we all know no machine uses the entire electric energy withdrawn by it to do useful work. The extra energy is liberated in the form of heat. So simply unplug the appliances which are not needed at the moment and feel your room getting cooler. This hack would surely help to bring down the temperature by notches!

8. Support greenery:


Take a box and stack it up with different types of flowers and keep the box in your window pane. The flowers will lower the temperature of the room and create a cool sensation. They will also help to humidify and cool the hot air flowing in the house.

9. Ditch black:


Black absorbs heat like no other color. So ditch everything you see coated in this color. Change your wardrobe and resort to wearing only the lighter colors. Try to go white this summer to relieve your body of the extreme heat.

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“What you get my achieving your goals is not as important as what you become by achieving your goals.”

-Henry David Thoreau


One should learn to set goals in life, no matter how small or big. And there is a difference between setting a goal and achieving it. Setting a goal does not come with a guarantee that you’ll achieve it. So don’t worry if you fail to achieve them. At-least you’ll learn something or another from them. Each experience that you get by tasting failure will increase your chances to achieve the same goal for next time.

So folks, harness your motivation and pull up your socks!

The question of the hour is, how to set your goals and making sure to achieve them?

First of all, before you set any goal, always remember to categorize them. There are 2 types of goals, small ones and big ones.

  • Small goals are those goals which are short term. Their existence in nature is for a shorter duration and those goals are easier to achieve than bigger goals. For example, scoring good marks in your next examination can be classified as a small goal.

  • On the other hand, big goals are those goals which are long term. Suppose you desire to buy a house within the next 4 years. Such goals can be considered as long term goals as their fulfillment takes longer duration and much more hard work.
  • But, you always have to remember that success of bigger goals come by breaking them into smaller goals so that you can actually start seeing some progress because once you start achieving them you get motivated to work harder towards your other goals.

    Another important thing to keep in mind, set attainable goals. Don’t raise the bar too high. It’s always better to see slow progress than watching yourself quit. As and when you see progress, increase your level and take big steps only afterwards.

    Also, remember your goals. Most people fail to achieve their goals because they forget about them, or they become less important to them. To solve that problem, write down your goals on a piece of paper and stick them on a bulletin board. That way, they’ll be in your memory whenever you’ll see the board and you won’t be able to forget them.

    But do be careful, don’t be entirely consumed towards your goal because in simple words, too much of anything is bad!

    Another crucial aspect of setting goals is checking your progress. Take out time once in a while to refresh your goals. Make alterations that may have to be done in your goals. It is not necessary for your goal to be the exact same from start till end, right? Compare and contrast how far you’ve come since the time you set your goal and even how close you are to the finish line. You need to make sure that your progress is steady and stable.

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    Feeling stresses in the office, eh? Here’s what’ll help you stay stress-free!

  • Act Rather Than React

  • p18eq7epkf15ja1jq11g330r16002

    We encounter stress when we get a handle on that circumstances are of our control. It initiates the stress hormone and, if perpetual, wears out certainty, focus and prosperity. Mel-nick informs that you recognize the perspectives regarding the circumstance you can control and viewpoints you can’t. Ordinarily, you’re in control of your activities and reactions, however not in control of full scale powers or another person’s tone, for instance. “Be perfect for your half,” she exhorts. Furthermore, attempt to relinquish the rest.

  • Take a Deep Breath

  • 185520727

    If you’re feeling overwhelmed or are coming out of a tense meeting and need to clear your head, a few minutes of deep breathing will restore balance. Simply inhale for five seconds, hold and exhale in equal counts through the nose. It’s like getting the calm and focus of a 90-minute yoga class in three minutes or less at your desk, Mel nick says.

  • Eliminate Interruptions

  • 6199837_stock-photo-do-not-disturb

    The vast majority of us are shelled amid the day, says Mel-nick. Messages, telephone calls, pop ups, texts and sudden, pressing due dates plot to make today’s laborers more diverted than any time in recent memory. While you might not have control over the interrupters, you can control your reaction. Mel-nick educates reacting in one concerning three ways: Accept the interference, cut it off, or determination its significance and make an arrangement. Numerous intrusions are repeating and can be foreseen. You need to have preset criteria for which reaction you need to make, she says. You can likewise prepare everyone around you by noting email amid specific windows, setting up available time to talk face to face or shutting the entryway when you have to center.

  • Schedule Your Day for Energy and Focus

  • calendar-600x400

    The vast majority of us experience the day utilizing a “push, push, push” approach, thinking on the off chance that we work the full eight to 10 hours, we’ll accomplish more. Rather, profitability goes down, stress levels go up and you have next to no vitality left over for your family, Mel-nick says. She prompts booking breaks for the duration of the day to walk, extend at your work area or do a breathing activity. Tony Schwartz of the Energy Project has demonstrated that on the off chance that we have extreme focus for around an hour and a half, trailed by a brief time of recuperation, we can clear the development of stress and revive ourselves, she says.

  • Cool Down Quickly

  • stress-workplace-top-reasons

    When you feel disappointed or furious, it’s a warmed feeling in your body that can make you respond, says Mel-nick. Rather than quickly responding—and likely going overboard—she recommends attempting a “cooling breath” strategy: Breathe in through your mouth as though you are tasting through a straw, and after that inhale out typically through your nose. Done right, you’ll feel a cooling, drying sensation over the highest point of your tongue. It resembles hitting the “pause” button, giving you an opportunity to consider your reaction. She says, It’s so capable it will even quiet the other individual down.

  • Identify Self-Imposed Stress

  • stick-to-self-imposed-deadlines-1024x665

    Figure out how to stop self forcing stress by building your own particular self-assurance as opposed to looking for other’s endorsement, says Mel-nick. In case you’re excessively gotten up to speed in others’ impression of you, which you can’t control, you get to be stressed out by the minutia or take an interest in shirking practices like lingering. Unexpectedly, once you move your center from others’ view of your work to the work itself, will probably inspire them.

  • Prioritize Your Priorities

  • now

    With contending due dates and quick evolving needs, it’s basic to characterize what’s really vital and why. That requires clarity, says Mel-nick. It’s critical to comprehend your part in the association, the organization’s vital needs, and your own objectives and qualities. Winnow your schedule by concentrating on those activities that will have the most effect and are best adjusted to your objectives.

  • Influence Others

  • power-some-have-it-some-dont

    Regardless of the possibility that you’re in charge of your conduct and standpoint, despite everything you’re left managing other individuals’ stressful conduct, Mel nick notes. She exhorts going up against an issue collaborator or worker by expressing the terrible conduct in a conscious tone, portraying the effect on the group and the individual, and asking for a change. For instance, consistent antagonism may be tended to along these lines: When you talk in a basic tone, it makes others uncomfortable and less inclined to consider you to be a pioneer. I comprehend your dissatisfaction however ask for that you convey concerns specifically to me, so we can talk them through. By exchanging the responsibility for issue, will probably resolve it.

  • Be Your Own Best Critic

  • rk-mindset

    Nearly 60,000 contemplation stream through your mind every day, Melnick says, and inner pessimism is pretty much as prone to stress you out as an outside occasion. The fix? Rather than being unforgiving and reproachful of yourself, take a stab at pumping yourself up. Empowering musings will spur you to accomplish and at last prepare you to move others.


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    Overstated as they may appear to be, each individual runs over these announcements at any rate once amid their hostel life. What’s more, in the long run, it is these exceptionally proclamations that you value and recall.

    Can’t find clean garments? Compelled to wear two distinct socks? Your bed hasn’t been made in a month and your room resembles a Laundromat? There are orange peels everywhere on your study table with the seeds scattered wherever in the room. There’s nobody to reprove you about how untidy your room is and you carry on with an ecstatic existence without any stresses over the following day, hour or minute.

    At the point when every one of these things transpire all the while, you know you live in a hostel.

    That is to say, sincerely, what else would you be able to anticipate from a pack of youthful grown-ups living respectively in similar region, essentially under similar rooftop, with no supervision or parental control? Yet, aside from the joyful way of life, living in a hostel helps people learn and comprehend numerous things, a couple of which I have attempted to highlight here:

    • Freedom:

    A hostel is an adolescent’s safe house. If I somehow happened to utilize single word to characterize what living in a hostel feels like, it would be “flexibility” – open, totally happy opportunity.


    Without a doubt, out of the numerous advantages I have gone over while living in a hostel in noida, delhi-ncr, the most amazement striking and frequently the most pined for one is the freedom that hostels offer to understudies. For some, it is the first run through in their lives that they are totally all alone and in charge of their own behavior. The excite of this flexibility goes about as adrenaline and helps numerous in experiencing what life truly is about.

    • Decision-making skills:

    Tough Decisions Ahead Road Sign

    Whether it is about eating just crisps and bread rolls for supper (since that is everything you can manage) or wearing whatever wrinkled bit of dress you discover lying around the room, you work for yourself. Whether you wash up after a football game or go to rest without taking one, whether you concentrate throughout the night or discuss arbitrary, negligible stories with your roomies, it is your choice, unadulterated by any outer weight or counsel from your folks.

    Also, trust me settling on these choices helps a man develop.

    • Endless conversations:


    When you live in a hostel, you are encompassed by individuals 24×7 and thus you will undoubtedly create extraordinary bonds with a few. These are those individuals you can have heart to heart discussions with and discuss your issues, share your perspectives and even request offer assistance.

    For the most part, individuals have profound discussions with their flat mates as a rule a night prior to exams. Companions simply jump into a room, sit and discuss arbitrary pointless stuff, chuckling their way till the small hours of the morning.

    At last, these evenings will turn into the “great ol’ days” and minutes to treasure :’)

    • Discover yourself:

    Hostel life offers an extremely unusual yet remarkable approach to discover yourself.


    For example, when you get exhausted of the standard schedule, concentrating on or doing assignments, you search for imaginative approaches to keep yourself engaged – like perusing a novel, portraying or listening to music. It is then that you get some answers concerning your shrouded gifts which become a plus point to your identity and even your profession.

    • Become responsible:


    The best blessing a hostel can give you – being capable and develop. You get to be in charge of your own behavior, right or off-base. You understand the estimation of time and cash and set up your needs. You have a tendency to wind up less reliant on guardians and others and more independent and free. Living in a hostel shows all of you various stuff too in a limited ability to focus time!

    • An emotional roller-coaster:


    Hostel life permits you to find yourself and the scope of feelings you have. It helps you see how solid or feeble you are in enthusiastic circumstances. It even helps you sharpen your interpersonal abilities on numerous occasions when you’re compelled to advice, talk and support a mate amid their enthusiastic breakdowns.

    Your nearby neighbor may end up being a wistful person who cries each Mother’s Day, listens to mushy music after each separation and yes, cries a considerable measure each Valentine’s Day, particularly in the event that he is distant from everyone else (which, given his enthusiastic breakdowns, he generally is!).

    In this way, good fortunes getting him through these stages on the off chance that you are a sorry ‘social butterfly’s’.

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