5 Reasons First-Floor Apartment Rock

First floor flats are always criticized upon. It is assumed that you won’t have your privacy, you will have to tolerate the constant noises and up and down expedition of your upstairs neighbors. These facts are true in some way or the other. But there some rocking advantages too. Here are some 5 perks of living in a first floor flat from RentMantra ,that you haven’t considered yet:


  1. Shifting has never been this easier

The most pathetic thing about moving in is to carry boxes, trunks, furniture and other heavy item up to stairs. While you can be lucky if you have a lift in your building but there are some buildings in which moving in along with heavy items in lift is not allowed. But if you have to move in to a first floor you have to go straight from the truck into your flat.


  1. Cool summers

During summers, warm air rises due to which upper floor apartments are very hot. Ultimately they economically invest more to keep their home cool. People living in first floor apartments can never face this issue since their flats are always cool.


  1. Outside Space

People living in upper floors are limited to balconies. Ground floor people have more accessibility and they get a bonus point if they are living in larger apartment communities. This extra space can be used to grow plants, hot more people for parties and even use some of the space as outside storage.


  1. Better rent prices

First floor apartments are less expensive than upper floor apartments. Also, first floor apartments give access to some awesome amenities. Many builders create these flats more creative and with more properties as compared to upper floor apartments.


  1. Great for kids and pets

If are parent to some crazy kids who are always running around here there or if you are a pet owner than first floor apartments are perfect for you.  

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