7 coolest festivals of light other than Diwali celebrated around the world

Illuminating lights, bustling firecrackers, gifts and lots of fun- these can only be fulfilled by one of the most beautiful festivals of India, Diwali. This festival gives a moment of pride for the diverse India. But if you were thinking that Diwali is the only festival of light, then you are all this while. Let’s look at some of the RentMantra’s suggested coolest festivals of lights around the world:

1. Aomori Nebuta Matsuri

This festival is celebrated with pomp and joy in Japan. In this colorful parades are held across the city of Aomori with huge nebutas lit up along with traditional Japanese music playing in the background.

2. Las Fellas

This is a very unique and fun-filled festival of Spain. It is a festival of fire which commemorates a feast day given in the honor of St. Joseph, the patron saint of carpenters.

3. Festival of Lights, Lyon

This is a festival of France and which is celebrated with joy and pomp for four days. The citizens illuminate seal with traditional candles and the whole city of Lyon is decorated innovatively every year.

4. Hanukkah

It is a very important festival of Jews in which they commemorate the rededication of their holy temple in Jerusalem. It is celebrated for 8 days.

5. Festival of Lights, Berlin

This festival was started by Brigit Zander in 2005, and now it has turned into a huge tourist attraction. It is celebrated in the month of October, and the whole city of Berlin is transformed into multihued illuminated artifacts.

6. East Peoria Festival of Lights

This is 2 month long festival is celebrated with joy and pomp in the city of Pretoria. It is a thanksgiving festival which usually begins in November and goes till January.

7. Lantern Festival of China

This festival is also known as shangyuan festival and it marks the end of Chinese new year. In this, red lanterns are hanged throughout the country, making it the most colourful and must-attend festival.


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10 Diwali decorating ideas that will brighten up your home

Diwali or Deepawali is one of the most beautiful festivals in India. The auspicious festival marks the triumph of light over darkness and good over evil. With the arrival of this joyous festival, it’s also the time to welcome all your beloved relatives and cherish the moments like never before. So, here 10 Diwali decorating ideas from RentMantra that will definitely bright up your home:

1. Diyas

Diwali and diyas or earthen lamps are simply incomplete without each other. Decorate these diyas with paints and glitters and brighten up your home.

2. Floating Candles

Instead of using those boring candles use these beautiful floating candles. Fill a beautiful bowl or tub with a size of your choice with water and put these floating candles. You can also add flowers or colorful pebbles to complete the decoration.

3. Paper Lantern

Give your home an oriental touch, with these paper lanterns. This will not only save your buck but will also give your home a chic look.

4. Balloon Twine Lights

Use creatively some balloons and twines and make these beautiful DIY lamps. Simply hang them around and they are all set to beautify your rooms.

5. Diwali Torans

Torans are considered to be the most auspicious decor in Diwali and they look beautiful too.

6. Sea Shell Candles

Use seashells to create beautiful candles and place them around the house. Let the Diwali vibes get in!

7. Fruit Candles

This Diwali, let the organic vibes set in and use fruits because why not?

8.Glass bottle lights

Give your home sweet home the perfect Diwali charm with these DIY bottle lights.


Diwali is simply incomplete without this auspicious beauty. You can give this traditional art piece a twist by adding flowers and diyas.

10.Flower Decoration

Flowers are very important for Diwali decorations. Get some fresh flowers and start decorating.


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With the celebration of lights drawing closer quick, we concentrate more on the question “How to Decorate the House on Diwali” than anything. Diwali festivity is about decorations at home, cleaning being the premier part. We should take motivation from some simple to-do Diwali decoration thoughts talked about beneath.

Try not to stress, these DIY thoughts for decoration won’t cost you a fortune. You can make lovely Diwali decoration things out of waste and scraps while cleaning your home. Is it accurate to say that you are prepared to attempt these simple ventures to deck up your home?

  • Wonderful Bangle Diwali Decoration

  • mehendi-decor2

    There might be many bangles at your home which you’re going to toss out while cleaning your home this Diwali. Try not to toss them out rather transform them into delightful tapestries. How? Here is the guide

  • Collect all bangles, string them together utilizing a lace.
  • Knot firmly and make a roundabout ring.
  • Pass a stain strip through the bunch and make a circle.
  • Now, tie a bow at the top and hang down your dividers!
  • Diwali Lanterns and Lamps

  • paperlanterns21

    You can energize your home with these simple Diwali lighting thoughts. Take after this DIY light and light making strides.

  • Take two hued sheets, pencil, stapler and scissors.
  • Cut two strips out of one sheet and keep aside.
  • Fold the second sheet fifty-fifty.
  • Draw lines and cut thusly leaving around one-crawl space toward the end.
  • Open the sheet and move it up. Presently associate the sheet utilizing staple.
  • Roll up the main sheet and put it inside the light you made.
  • Staple to keep it at place.
  • Now hang them up your roof or at the terrace for merry feel!
  • You can likewise turn those brew or wine bottles, stick containers, soda pop jugs into DIY lights to brighten your home this Deepavali.

  • Scented Fruit Candles

  • main

    Try not to discard those organic product peels. This celebration of lights, go innovative and make dazzling candles out of them.

    Here is your manual for make natural product candles for Deepavali-

  • Remove the center divide or orange.
  • Ensure center stem like part is in place.
  • Fill the empty divide with olive oil or wax.
  • Now lit the inside stem that’ll function as wick.
  • Go imaginative with edges of the orange for delightful shapes.

  • Floating Candles

  • large-garden-dish

    With regards to Diwali decoration topics, one thought that never leaves style is skimming Diwali candles in an open glass bowl or pot as centerpiece.

  • Take a major bowl or pot made of glass steel anything that has a wide opening.
  • Fill it half with water.
  • Put into it some flower petals, or other blossom petals, things, sparkles and so forth.
  • Now include some tea-lights and lit them up.
  • Your home will amaze with lights!
  • Twine Balloon Lamps

  • diy-string-ball-chandelier

    It is obviously the most well known idea to illuminate your open air. This helpful guide will show you how to make twine swell light for Diwali.

    Headings to make

  • Start by exploding an inflatable. (Try not to swell it to the most extreme)
  • Hang it down the roof.
  • Make and blend the glue utilizing water, corn starch and paste.
  • Dip yarn in the glue.
  • Now wrap the inflatable with the yarn absorbed the glue.
  • Let it dry for around 12 hours.
  • Pop the inflatable.
  • You’ll kick it into high gear an inflatable formed cotton ball.
  • Spray paint and now add it to your stylistic layout!
  • Ocean Shell Candles and Lights

  • seashell-candle

    Give the shells gathered by you or your children amid a seashore occasion a facelift by transforming them into wonderful candles and lights!

  • Clean the shells.
  • Now stick a pre-waxed wick in the focal point of every shell.
  • Once these are dried. Soften the wax and pour them delicately in shells.
  • Let them chill off, now, your shell candles are prepared!
  • Likewise, you can include modest globules and make a series of lights this Diwali.

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    Diwali festivities can’t be genuine without the serving of particular sorts of nourishment amid this propitious event.

    Diwali is the celebration of lights, firecrackers and particularly, ethnic desserts! On Diwali, there is a custom to trade desserts with companions, family and neighbors. It is a euphoric time for individuals to accumulate and praise the triumph of good over malevolence. In the Hindu date-book it is the beginning of the New Year. Furthermore, nourishment assumes an essential part in the festivals. Subsequently, Diwali without desserts and savories can’t be envisioned!

    Here is the rundown of my pick of top 10 Diwali Snacks!

  • Namak Paare

  • namak_paare

    Namak para is a crunchy exquisite nibble of India and Pakistan. Namak para is lace like portions of baked good gently prepared with cumin seeds, carom seeds, and caraway seeds and broiled in unadulterated ghee. The baked good is produced using entire wheat flour (atta), refined flour (maida), semolina (suji), heating powder and preparing pop.

  • Mathri

  • masala_mathri_spicy_crackers

    Mathri is a Rajasthani nibble. It is a sort of flaky roll from north-west locale of India. It is produced using flour, water, and cumin seeds. The formation of this nibble was affected by the need safeguarded nourishment that will stay palatable for quite a long time and the completed items are frequently put away in huge jugs at room temperature. Mathri is presented with mango, bean stew or lemon pickle alongside tea.

  • Shankarpali

  • maxresdefault

    Shankarpali or Shakkarpara or Shankarpaada is an Indian nibble well known in Western India, particularly in Gujarat and Maharashtra. It is generally delighted in as a treat on the Diwali occasion. It is rich in sugars, making it a moment wellspring of vitality. Shankarpali is produced using a mixture of drain, sugar, ghee, maida, semolina and salt.

  • Bengali Matar Kachori

  • matar-kachori

    Bengali Matar Kachori is luchi or puffed bread loaded down with crushed peas filling, enhanced with fennel seeds and ginger. It is a winter exceptional Bengali breakfast thing with Nolen Gurer Rosogolla and Mishti.

  • Khandvi

  • p1080304

    Khandvi, Patuli or Dahivadi is a flavorful nibble in Gujarati food. It comprises of yellowish, firmly moved nibble measured pieces, and is fundamentally made of gram flour and yogurt.

    Khandvi is promptly accessible crosswise over India, and is usually eaten as a starter or nibble. Numerous individuals get it from neighborhood shops instead of setting it up at home.

  • Chegodilu

  • chegodilu

    Chegodilu is a rotisserie nibble from Andhra and is likewise called as ring murukku, kodubale in the neighboring states. They are made with rice flour, dal, cumin, red stew powder and some include curry leaves for included flavor.

  • Chakli

  • 6343970922_0f97462b5e_o

    Chakli is an appetizing nibble from India. It is a winding formed, pretzel-like nibble with a spiked surface. Chakli is regularly produced using flours of rice, bengal gram and dark gram.

  • Chevda

  • maxresdefault-1

    Chevda comprises of a variable blend of hot dried fixings, which may incorporate singed lentils, peanuts, chickpea flour noodles, corn, vegetable oil, chickpeas, chipped rice, browned onion and curry takes off.

  • Gujarati Ganthia

  • papdi-ganthiya

    Tikha Gathiya is a crunchy and hot rotisserie strands produced using gram flour batter. It is a family unit nourishment thing in Gujarat and tastes best with pan fried chilies, carrot shreds, serving of mixed greens and mango pickle

    Diwali is a dynamic, beautiful, blissful festival communicated through the medium of sustenance. Cooks locate their inventive start with a side aiding of restorative “personal time” in the kitchen, tainted palates liven up and family and companions meet up to eat. What could be more critical?

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    No festival is finished without a touch of sweet. Treats are the highlight of each Indian celebration. They add a great deal more excitement to the happy soul. With Diwali around the bend, merriment have at long last ventured in. Much the same as the colorful rangolis that embellish the doorways of our homes, there is nothing very like a pastry table decked with an assortment of Diwali desserts.

    This Diwali, illuminate your homes with our bubbly pastry formulas. Discard the intricate presentation and favor fixings, here are super-simple answers for mitigate your throbbing sweet tooth. The greater part of these can be set up ahead of time for those unannounced visitors and awkward yearnings. Ordinary fixings and a few minutes are all you have to spread splendid grins and shimmer with fulfillment. We present to you, the least complex desserts from the nation over. There’s something for everybody!

  • Goan Nevri

  • nevri_article

    Nevri is a Konkani sweet that is entirely like a Karanji from Maharashtra or Gujiyafrom Uttar Pradesh. Nevri is a prominent sweet dish from Goa, arranged uncommonly amid Ganesh Chaturthi and Diwali. It’s additionally prominently know as karanji. These are sweet dumplings made of maida or flour and loaded down with coconut, sugar, poppy seeds, cardamom and almonds.

  • Kaju Katli

  • 325710-kajukatli700

    Kaju implies cashew nut in Hindi. Barfi is frequently yet not generally, made by thickening milk with sugar and different fixings (dry products of the soil flavors). Kesar kaju katli is a kaju barfi formula that incorporates saffron. … Ghee, saffron (kesar), and dried natural products may likewise be included. This season, amaze your loved ones with home-made treats.

  • Rava Kheer

  • 1-sooji-kheer-rava-payasam-2-1-of-1

    Step far from the standard with this rich creation of drain, dry products of the soil). Pour drain in a skillet and keep it on a stove to bubble. Take another dish and warmth ghee in it. Blend the kheer ceaselessly so that Sooji ought not shape knots into the drain. The consistency of the drain will turn out to be thick.

  • Chocolate Gujiya

  • chocolate-gujiya-recipe-hindi

    Combination is the kind of the season. Chocolate Gujiya. Gourmet specialist Savio from JW Marriott changes the customary holi formula (gujiya) and gives it a present day makeover. Sweet dumplings made of maida loaded with a blend of khoya and chocolate chips, pan fried in ghee lastly finished with crisply made chocolate syrup. Serve the great old gujiyas in a cutting edge symbol with a velvety chocolate-chip stuffing.

  • Badaam Halwa

  • badam-halwa

    Badam halwa is a scrumptious forsake made with puréed almonds, spread/ghee (cleared up margarine), sugar and saffron. Badam halwa is a sweet produced using almonds , embellished with nuts and adding somewhat shading to look great and alluring. Appreciate the glow of the halwa this Diwali

  • Shahi Tukda

  • shahi-tukda-delicious-indian-sweets-blog-zobello-com

    This has been a most loved since old times and is super simple to make. Shahi Tukra (Indian Bread Pudding) “This is an exceptionally acclaimed Hyderabadi dish and is an extremely basic, however rich sweet. It is incredible for a vast supper party as the formula can be effortlessly increased to make more.

  • Mohanthal

  • maxresdefault

    Mohanthal is sweetened gram flour fudges enhanced with saffron and nuts. Mohanthal is a mark sweet of my relative and the whole family pass on cases that none other than her can get that flawless surface and taste to this most tasty sweet of Gujarat. It is famously made in Rajasthan and Gujarat, particularly amid Diwali.

  • Patishapta

  • maxresdefault-1

    This is conventional Bengali sweet. Thin crepes are made with rice flour, maida and sooji (semolina) and presented with a coconut-jaggery filling.

  • Mysore Paak

  • mysore-pak-625_625x350_61451892563

    As the name recommends, this unique formula of this Indian sweet is known to have started in the Mysore Palace. Mysore pak is a rich sweet dish arranged in Ghee, from Southern India, generally served as pastry. It started in Mysore. It is made of liberal measures of ghee, sugar, gram flour, and regularly cardamom The surface of this sweet is like fudge.

  • Coconut Til Ladoos

  • coconut-sesame-ladoo-restaurant_article

    Ladoos made with just three fixings – coconut, sesame seeds and dates. The formula utilizes dates as a contrasting option to sugar, so you don’t need to stress much over the calories. You’re hurting sweet tooth might be served in minutes!


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    This year October is the month of vibrant festival and bountiful celebration. The huge number of festival in October in India makes this month joyous. where, working people and students get holidays and spend their time with there families and friends.

    Festival in October:-



  • Nine nights of fasting and Nine night long celebration is on of the most observed festival in October.  Every year people get engrossed in the highly enthralling Dandiya & Garba dances to honor and worship Goddess Amba in nine different avatars.

    ( 1st October- 10th October 2016)


  • b_id_326272_dussehra_celebration

    Dussehra is celebrated all over India with joy and delight. One of the most popular festival in October in India. Dussehra is celebrated for victory of good over evil, by burning of effigies of demon king Ravan, Kumbhakarna and Meghnath.

    ( 11th October 2016)


  • delhi-diwali

    This year Diwali falls in October. It is a festival of lights, celebrated  by almost all communities throughout India. Diwali celebrate the return of Lord Rama, Lakshmana, and Devi Sita  after 14 years . bustling crackers and beautiful decorated homes with clay diyas, candles and strings of colorful led lights.

    ( 30th October 2016)


  • halloween

    Halloween celebration in India is on the rise. Even though Halloween is not popular as other festival in the country, but undoubtedly one of the most popular and beloved festival of the  world. Halloween is aptly associated with very fascinating customs, traditions and legends.

    ( 31st October 2016)


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