End-of-summer-purge! 9 Things you should get rid of now


Summer is almost in its last days and you can’t deny the fact that the hues and blues of summer is piled up in your house and taking up a lot of space. So, without giving away with an excuse or two you quickly get away of it. Here are few things you should get rid of right now:

1. Old stationary and office supplies

If you have already decided to replace you stationary and other supplies like binders and folder for the new session, first of all get over with last year’s stuff. This will not only create space for the new ones but also ensure that you don’t have to struggle with the mixing of new and old ones. Also before throwing them check one if the any stuff can reused. Generally, binders and folders can be reused for a very long time.

2. Donate Old towels

There are various pet shops are animal shelter home which will happily take your donation as they can used them in the grooming of the pets. This will help you in organizing you closets and even create space for the new and fresh towels.

3. Donate old clothes

We all put those tight fitting worn out clothes in the back side of the closet and after some time it gets really messy. Select a day and start putting out these worn clothes and pile them up and donate it to the needy. You will not only feel good, but it will create a space for your next shopping spree.

4. Expired and unused kitchen supplement and spices

When we go for shopping we get tempted for this spices and condiments and after using once or twice we push it behind the refrigerator and which will go unused forever. Throw all of them right away and organize or kitchen closets and refrigerator.

5. A C. Filters

Make this a habit that after every summer you change your A.C. filters and throw away the old ones. Sometimes only cleaning doesn’t work and you are then left with the only option of changing the filters.

6. Expire Medicines

Never keep expired medicines in your home for long time. Before throwing them in your dustbins do ask the local pharmacist about the required disposing methods for particular medicines. As some medicines require special methods of disposing other than directly tossing them into the bins.

7. Outdated electronics that you don’t use much

When an electronic device is left untouched for a long period after some point of time it will stopping. Hence, there is no need of keeping it and giving extra space. Throw or give them to recycling agencies and get a new one.

8. Shoes

Shoes are something we keeping on buying when we need one without throwing the old and unused one. And due to this, after some point of time, your shoe shelf gets messy and unorganized. So, throw the worn out ones right now.

9. Old Cosmetics

You should never take any chances with your skin. You should always timely check on your makeup and throw the expired ones right away. This will not only clean the havoc created on your dressing table or makeup kit but also ensure the safety of your skin.

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