Maintaining food budget is always an issue for us, especially when we’re having a tight budget. We often spend a lot of money buying non-organic food items. But, let me tell you something, by being little strategic and having some creative planning’s we can buy organic products at a very low price. I’m going to tell you a few smart tips to stick around organic products when you’re having a tense budget and you’re dedicated to eat healthy. Here are five tips by which eating healthy on a tight budget can be very easy:

Look for sales and Plan your meals accordingly


Firstly, you need to look for sales around your local grocery shops. If they are offering a savings card, use it and check the weekly circular to see what’s on sale. Instead of shopping for groceries based on your weekly meal plan, consider planning your meals around what’s on sale.

Planning your budget, according to sales will not only save your money and also help you in buying more organic products. Knowing when there is a sale and just stocking up and storing items that you use regularly when they reach their lowest price will be a great option. Another thing you can do is, simply call your favourite organic companies and ask if they can send you some coupons. Actually, often if you just tell them which product is your favourite and why do you love it, they’ll surely offer you coupons without even asking for it. Sometime you’ll get a no, but often they provide you with coupons.

Use Money Saving App



Almost everyone has a Smartphone, so why not to utilize it as a money saver. There are so many apps available on Play Store offering, great offers on organic products.  They not only provide free home delivery facilities, but also makes it easier and convenient to reach out those products which aren’t available in normal grocery shops. There are many apps like Faasos, Swiggy which provides organic food items. You can look for it.

Eat meatless meals



We love meat and I personally love a lot. And, I know how difficult it is for you to avoid something you like most. But, I want to tell you something, having meat on a regular basis, not only affects your budget but also your health. It is very important to have meatless meals as it will help you to keep your budget and health on track. My point is, just to refocus on something else.

We’re not ready to go totally vegetarian, but my family regularly eats three or more meatless or meat lite meals a week. Thankfully, you can get plenty of high quality organic proteins from eggs, beans, tofu, and nuts without breaking the bank.

Eat Seasonal


It’s something I do now that saves us a ton of money. Buying fruits and veggies that are in season can be a place of huge savings. For example, strawberries in June versus strawberries in January not only taste better, but they are cheaper and better for you. My family is used to eating seasonally. We get strawberries in April so from about September April 1; we are in countdown mode of how many more months we have to wait for fresh strawberries. Then we go crazy! Eating seasonally not only saves money, but when you eat seasonally, the food tastes so much better.

Prefer to eat at home



Our 4000-6000/month budget for food means no eating out. That money is for groceries alone. We do occasionally eat out, but it’s usually with money that was extra income we weren’t expecting or someone gives us a gift card to a restaurant. Eating at home not only saves money, but it also keeps us healthier, because there isn’t a lot of healthy eating out options in our town.

Now the question is, eating organic cost more than eating conventional? Not necessarily. Yes, an organic apple will almost always cost more than a conventional apple at the grocery store. But if you can find a local farmer, you might find an amazing deal on organic apples that is much cheaper than the conventional grocery store version! I hope these tips help you on your health journey! Eating healthy doesn’t mean sacrificing massive amounts of your monthly budget. It can be done for cheap with a little strategic thinking and some creative planning!







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