7 Ideas to give your home winter looks


Who doesn’t want their home to look beautiful and appreciable every time? With so many DIYs flooding the internet, it’s now very convenient to decorate your home the way you want. But the chilly winter is cruel right? No matter how hard you try, you just can’t get out of your cozy and warm bed and your hopes of ideal winter home get procrastinated again and again. Here are some awesome home ideas by RentMantra , to  give your home winter and cozy feelings.


  1. DIY Tea light log

Looking up to cheering up your living room with a romantic touch? Try this awesome DIY. All you need is just a dry unique but creative log, a piece of driftwood or trimmed branches, a set of tea light candles and a drilling machine. If you want, you can replace faux flames with candles.


  1. Centerpiece

A simple yet beautiful centerpiece with winter vibes will definitely make your home very attractive. Fill the center with various natural elements other than flowers. You can fill it with shed deer antler, small pine cones, few green and leafy saplings and a couple of sprigs of winter-blooming flowers and your spectacular centerpiece is ready to rock.


  1. Makeover for front door

Create your very own bouquet-in-a-basket to adore your front door. To make this you don’t need to burn a hole in your pockets as all the material required are present in your home. All you need is a bamboo basket, some jute cloth and fresh and beautiful winter-blooming flowers and you are ready to rock.


  1. Make your home more cozy

Instead of carpets, spread sheepskin rug or fur rug all over your house or wherever you want. Use sweater inspired covers for cushions and couch and give your home a very warm and cozy look.


  1. Faux Snowballs

Make these cool snowballs and place them in a basket, few over your mantelpiece, put some in your planter and a few on your dining table. This super easy trick will give your home chic winter look.


  1. Bedroom Decor

Decorate your bedroom with fairy lights or give it a winter make over by hanging sculptural snowflakes. You can also twine threads of lights along these snowflakes which will add to its beauty.


  1. Greenery is must

It is not at all necessary to put large planters in order to add the nature touch. Instead, take small tumblers or glass pots or anything which comes to your creative mind and put some plant clippings into them. Simple yet chic.

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