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6 Things I noticed when I moved to Noida all by myself

For some moving into Delhi will be considered far safer than moving into Noida keeping in mind the crime rates associated with Noida and U.P. as a whole. But sometimes necessity is a priority and you don’t have any alternate options. So, here are few things from RentMantra you will notice after mo...

10 Ways to protect your home while on Vacation

Imagine this, you just reached home cherishing your wonderful vacation and suddenly you notice that your window is broken. You rush towards the main door and you see your lock is broken too. You enter the house see the evidences of burglary and then happens the monotonous series of police investigat...

End-of-summer-purge! 9 Things you should get rid of now

Summer is almost in its last days and you can’t deny the fact that the hues and blues of summer is piled up in your house and taking up a lot of space. So, without giving away with an excuse or two you quickly get away of it. Here are few things you should get rid of right now: 1. Old stationar...