10 Ways to protect your home while on Vacation


Imagine this, you just reached home cherishing your wonderful vacation and suddenly you notice that your window is broken. You rush towards the main door and you see your lock is broken too. You enter the house see the evidences of burglary and then happens the monotonous series of police investigation and questionings and in most of the cases you can never get your stuff back. So the question arises how to prevent this? Here are few tips and guidelines from RentMantra  that if you follow you can ensure the safety of your home even while being miles away:

1. Ask your neighbors to keep an eye

To ensure this you yourself have to be a good neighbor. Talk to them regularly and visit them occasionally and inform them in between that you are planning for a vacation. Don’t ask them to do your home chores. Instead ask them to make your that your home doesn’t look unoccupied. You can return the favor when they are away too. Do not forget to give them your vacation contact number so that they can inform you in of an emergency.  If this neighbor thing doesn’t work you can ask your friend and relatives to check on your place twice or thrice in a week.

2. Use timers with your lights and electronics

If your house is dark for a week straight, it is easy to determine that you are on vacation. There are various timers and security systems available in market which you can link with your lights and set interval of time of your choice and lights will be on during that particular period of day. Ensure that you set varying duration every day. You can also link your television sets as well and this will create noisy effect and will dismiss doubts that this house is unoccupied.

3.  Ask someone to keep an eye on your lawn

An unkempt lawn is the biggest hint that you are out somewhere for a long time. Ask your neighbors, friends or relatives to mow the lawn at regular interval whenever required and water the plants and lawn regularly. In case of storms and heavy rain, ask them to make sure that the garden area and lawn is cleaned afterwards as untidy one can get noticed easily.

4. Don’t fall prey on social media

We all have a habit of posting everything on our social media handles out of excitement. This can be very dangerous as your would-be burglar can take note of this. Don’t post status updates like “off to Airport” and also don’t post pictures as soon as you click. Post the pictures only after you are safely back to home. If you really want to make that instagram update of the sunset or any other make sure your account is private as you friends and family circle won’t have any thief or burglar.

5. Never leave spare keys out

If you have spare keys take it with you. Burglars do have the idea of the possible hiding spots of spare keys and as you are away they can very patiently search your whole house and can easily find one. So, don’t take any risks.


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