10 Crazy Ideas To Gain More Storage Space


 No matter how a spacious house or apartment one has, there comes a time when one feels the need of extra space in one’s living space. That situation may come when you need to arrange a few new beds for a couple of your guests or friends or in the festival time when you want to install some temporary decorating items in your apartment. So let’s find out some ideas by RentMantra to gain more storage space.

1. Storage Bed: –

Storage bed is one of the major elements that solve problems of many homeowners. It makes the best use of space and provides boxes to store things without eating any extra space of your home. Along with storage capacity, it also does not compromise with the look of the home.

2. Convertible furniture: –

Sofa is the best use for the setting. But what if it can be a bed when needed. In the market, vendors are there who makes best quality convertible furniture. Those types of furniture are really useful when you need to arrange new beds for your friends and guests. 

3. Stack: –

The next idea of getting more space in your home is by stacking. You can put things like chairs, boxes one upon other and can get extra space. You can also keep some small accessories (who have engaged spaces in your room) on your coffee or dining table and make some extra space.

4. Ceiling: –

Ceilings are equally spacious as a floor. But it has not been explored to its best in terms of storing. You can assemble racks and drawers near to ceilings on to walls of your home and get tremendous space for storage. 

5. Cabinet furniture: –

Furniture is the need of your home. You definitely have furniture like tables in your home who acquires. If that furniture will have the cabinet, it will be an additional place for you to storing stuff. So it is a good choice to have cabinet furniture, especially when your lives in a small apartment

6. Pot pan storage: –

Pot pans are good storing solutions for your kitchen tools. Pots and pans are not easy to store because of their bigger size. Also, you have to store them in a way that they are easily accessible to you during the cooking. Here you can make use of this pot & pan storing stands or cabinet.

7. Hanging storage bag: –

You need some space for storing little accessories often especially in kitchen and bathroom. Hanging storage bag is a perfect solution for storing those of your little accessories. You can install them on a wall at the height of your choice so that you can an easy access to your accessories.

8. Multiple functionality Stairs: –

Stairs are one of the basic need of any house. It gives access to higher and upper part of our house. But it is not limited to single functionality. It can be designed for multiple functionalities and can be a better storage solution.

9. Pop-up tents: –

If you have the basement in your apartment or house with space not sufficient for keeping bikes or other equipment, you can install a pop-up tent outside your home and keep your things on it.

10. Door hangers: –

Door hangers can be a good option for you to put your sporting and other workout clothes on the back of your door. It gives you the option to keep your clothes without eating any extra space of your room.   



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